Football Season!

on Monday, August 19, 2013 2:35:00 PM


Football season is almost here!  Whether you're preparing for high school or college, we have everything you need to get your season started.  Visit to see which products qualify for free shipping.  Today, we'll highlight some of our featured items.

Tip N' Roll Aluminum Bleachers

Our Tip N' Roll bleachers are made for both indoor and outdoor use.  The unit tips up on its casters to make storage easy and convenient.  In addition to powder coated aluminum, the Tip N' Roll bleachers come in the following colors:

  • Navy Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Scarlet
  • Forest Green

These bleachers seat twenty people with each plank measuring 15' long.  Finally, the bleacher frames are 100% welded aluminum.
2 Row 15' Preferred Tip N' Roll Bleacher

Saturn Yellow Goalpost Paint

If you're having a hard time trying to find the right paint for your goal posts, don't worry.  We have the paint you need here at GameTime Athletics.  Like our field marking paint, our Saturn Yellow Goalpost paint is water based.  The fluorescent yellow color will withstand the elements and continue to shine throughout the season.  It's visible in the dark and is even used in the NFL!  Recommended usage is one gallon per goalpost.  Don't forget to apply our UV protector and primer!

Saturn Yellow Goalpost Paint

Pro Down Varsity Chain Set

Here's an item that qualifies for free shipping.  This chain set includes a 6.5' H flip style down indicator with a 7' H chain set.  You won't have to worry about kinks with this chain, either.  The bright orange poles are fully padded and make it easier for both coaches and players to gauge how many yards are left for a first down.  The down marker features 10", 2 color numbers so everyone can see the current down.

Pro-Down Varsity Complete Set

Football Uniforms

With our site still new, we are still adding new products to our Apparel section.  We still offer a wide variety of football uniforms and pants.  Please call us (877) 891-2476 to for information on how to receive a larger selection.  That said, we offer home and away options on many of our jerseys.  The fabric is tough enough to withstand practice and game elements.  Our prices are competitive, now matter what you're looking for.  We carry both integrated and non integrated football pants.  If needed, we carry the pads and girdles themselves.  We should have a full selection up soon!

As stated earlier, we carry everything for your team or field.  If you have any questions, please let us know by calling (877) 891-2746 or emailing

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