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Our Redfield infield topdressing is a "red" scoria lava which is maroon in color and specifically sized for use on skinned infields.  Redfield is less abrasive than crushed brick or tile and the reddish color is naturally derived due to oxidation and resists fading.  Redfield infield conditioner will help reduce rain outs, improve drainage and reduce compaction.

The link at the top of the page will take you to a site that will explain everything you need to know about the Redfield material.   A few excerpts from the Infield Conditioner page include:

  • Reduce compaction and crusting caused by hardening of clay, silt and limestone due to natural weathering elements and traffic
  • Allow for drainage of excess water yet holding desired amounts of moisture in the vesicular pores of the aggregate to keep dust under control
  • Darken the color of skinned areas without the use of artificially dyed materials to provide a color contrast with the ball that will not fade
For more information on the infield material, please visit this page -

In addition to infield mix and topdressing, we also offer a warning track mix for your baseball field.  Our Redfield warning track mix is the same as our infield material, but with slightly larger particles added for substance under foot.  The porous characteristic traps needed moisture yet allows excess to drain.  This provides a crunch factor that lets players know when they are on the warning track.  Here are a few more points regarding the warning track mix:

  • Provides an aesthetically appealing warning track and definitive contrasting colors between turn and fence without the use of artificially dyed materials that stain and fade in color.
  • Creates a physical transition zone between turn and fence that can be felt under foot to warn players of the fence ahead
  • Allows spectators to better see the ball at a distance due to the contrasting color between the Redfield material and ball
  • Also great for use in front of dugouts, coach boxes, on-deck circles and walkways to home plates
For more information about our Redfield warning track mix, please visit this page -

Finally, and maybe most important, coverage charts and installation instructions.

For Redfield Infield Conditioner installation instructions on newly constructed fields, as well as pre-existing infields, you'll find everything you need here:  This page includes a PDF file for download and includes a square foot coverage chart that will give you the amount of Redfield you'll need (in tons) for 1" of coverage.

For recommended warning track dimensions and a chart on how to calculate coverage, check out this webpage -
You will find installation instructions on existing and new warning tracks.

If you would like a free sample or a free quote, please give us a call at (877) 891-2476 or send us an email at  We are very proud of the Redfield mix here at GameTime Athletics, and we'd like to share our product with you!

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