So Many Aerosol Colors....

on Monday, September 30, 2013 4:34:00 PM
Everyone knows that most soccer, football and baseball fields are marked with white aerosol or bulk paint.  However, in some cases many soccer fields are lined with a navy blue color so that it stands out if it is lined on top of football lines.  Our aerosol paint is water based so if you only need to paint for one game, it will eventually wash away with water.  If you'd like it to last, you should still be able to see the lines after a couple weeks, assuming the field hasn't been mowed too often.  We offer thirteen different colors of aerosol paint so you should have no problem matching your team's colors.  In fact, we even carry a "Turf Green" in case someone messes up during field marking (it happens).  Once the green paint dries, you shouldn't be able to see the white any longer.

Here is a link to our Turf Green aerosol :

Our color aerosol is great for media lines, team logos, numbers, & more.  Our 20 oz. cans work with any aerosol liner because of their universal tip.  The paint is environmentally friendly and fast drying.  In addition to being universal, the aerosol tip creates sharp, well defined lines and only needs one pass during application.  Each case contains 12 cans and shipping is free for all colors of field marking paint. 

Also, if you order 12 or more cases of Aerosol you'll save $12.00 per case!  Call or order online here -

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