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RedField Warning Track Mix

RedField Warning Track Mix

Item #: RFWT
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    Available only in 23-25 ton bulk truck loads.

    RedField warning track mix is the same as our infield material with some slightly larger particles added for substance under foot. The porous characteristic traps needed moisture yet allows excess to drain. Provides a crunch factor that lets players know when they are on the warning track. RedFields natural maroon color is the aesthetic feature that attracts people first.

    For use in warning track areas of baseball and softball fields as a transition zone between the turf and fence (wall) to accomplish the following:

    · Provide an aesthetically appealing warning track and definitive contrasting colors between turf and fence without the use of artificially dyed materials that stain and fade in color.

    • Allow for drainage of excess water while holding desired amounts of moisture in the vesicular pores of the aggregate.
    • Create a physical transition zone between turf and fence that can be felt under foot to warn players of the fence ahead.
    • Allows spectators to better see the ball at a distance due to the contrasting color between ball and dark colored RedField
    • Also for use in front of dugouts, coaches boxes, on-deck circles and walkways to home plate.

    For warning tracks on existing fields:

    · Slope is the most important factor for proper drainage. Always make sure slope of warning track is correct before applying.

    • Ideally, apply at a minimum of 1-1/2” depth. Remove enough existing materials to accommodate amount of RedField to be applied keeping in mind final grade being the same height as the soil level of turf.
    • Apply evenly throughout entire warning track and lightly roll for firmness.

    For installation of new warning track areas:

    · Always make sure slope of warning track is correct for drainage before applying.

    • Spread desired amount and roll to compact for desired firmness.